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21 December 2007 @ 10:20 pm
pimp my reclam - progress: A-B  
I decided to give just ONE random "before" example for they all look the same (except, of course for the title)

so here we have random before pic and a quick peek at the progress in the fight against the yellowness:


I decided to do the pimping in alphabetical order. this is A (Anzengruber) to B (Büchner):

Anzengruber - Der Meineidbauer:                                              

Beer-Hofmann - der Tod Georgs:

Sebastian Brant - Das Narrenschiff:

Georg Büchner - Lenz - Der Hessische Landbote:

Georg Büchner - Woyzeck:
where are you reading?: noch wien
how does it make you feel?: blanknada
what do you hear?: Prove Yourself - Radiohead