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18 December 2007 @ 07:22 pm
pimp my reclam  
because I cannot and will not any longer stand to look at those piss-coloured bookspines I decided to do a pimp my reclam session. results will be posted here. featuring before/after pics. YAY!

I know they are cheap and I shouldn't complain and I COULD buy expensive editions of SOME (not all) of those. but I have to buy about say 50 books each semester so I really cannot afford to buy other editions.

this is the not so lovely look of my ever growing reclam-collection:

[EDIT: the one peeking out in a black-ish colour is already pimped, did that one a year or so ago]
how does it make you feel?: busybusy
what do you hear?: Oh! Student and Teacher Affection - Toshiro Masuda